Gibson: “I Owe It All To O.J.”

By Brian 

John Gibson deserves some credit for his on-air confession about why he isn’t “screaming about this O.J. TV confession.” “Nothing could be more hypocritical than me complaining about somebody exploiting the O.J. story,” he said on Friday’s Big Story. Here’s why:

  I can say with all seriousness that I was one of the most obscure reporters on the planet… until O.J.

I worked for a decade covering San Francisco for a station in Sacramento. I worked a few more years on a syndicated program almost no one watched, except for a small band of cultists who really liked it.

I worked a year for NBC News, Nightly News and the Today Show and such. When they decided I had to go, I landed in a job at NBC in which I did reports for the many NBC stations across the country. That is when O.J.’s wife turned up dead and he was in handcuffs.

I did O.J. for a year-and-a-half every single day, seven days a week. I learned how to host shows substituting for Geraldo on his O.J. show. All of a sudden the network bigwigs who had blown me away loved me.

When O.J. was over I came East for a show of my own on a small network, which turned into MSNBC. I was there four years and finally — finally — I got Roger Ailes to bring me to FOX.

I owe it all to O.J.