Geraldo Rivera’s Daughter Was in Paris Stadium During Attacks

By Chris Ariens 

Simone Rivera, the daughter of Fox News host Geraldo Rivera, was in the Stade de France tonight when suicide bombers blew themselves up outside.

At first, she said during a phone conversation, no one thought much of it. But then she and her friends, New Yorkers all, heard more explosions. “My friend Isabelle was sitting next to me and she keeps getting calls from her mom and she tells us a terrorist attack is happening throughout Paris,” said the 21-year-old.

“They were all herding us like sheep,” Simone said. “I don’t know how people got out of there.” After four hours, she and her friend finally did, and just as the conversation on Fox was drawing to a close, Shepard Smith broke the news that more terrorists might be on the loose.

“Don’t go outside, honey. Don’t talk to any strangers. Make sure the phone is charged and the doors are locked,” said Geraldo.

The Fox News host had a plane ready to travel to France tomorrow to pick up Simone, but with the borders and airspace closed that’s not likely going to happen.