Geraldo Rivera and Jeanine Pirro Drop In At Trump Tower

By Chris Ariens 

Spotted on #elevatorcam this afternoon, two Fox News hosts. The C-SPAN feed spotted Judge Jeanine Pirro in the lobby around 3:25 p.m. and Geraldo Rivera was seen there 20 minutes later.

Rivera was a contestant on Celebrity Apprentice during Trump’s final year as host in the winter of 2015. Rivera made it all the way to the finale, losing to Leeza Gibbons.

HarveyTrumpThe visits by Rivera and Pirro followed another meeting this afternoon Trump had with talk show host and Family Feud emcee Steve Harvey. Harvey said both the Obama and Trump teams reached out to him and encouraged the meeting. “So, I stepped from behind my microphone, and I came and talked to the guy that’s going to be the 45th president of the United States. I did what I was supposed to do,” he said.

A reporter joked about the possibility of the Trumps on on Family Feud. “Yeah, against the Obamas. That will be good. Or how about the Clintons? If I could set it up, it would be skyrocketing for the ratings,” Harvey joked.

“I really enjoyed the conversation. He seemed really sincere. He’s a genuine person,” Harvey said of the president-elect.