Gayle King Reveals President Obama’s Super Bowl Pick

By Chris Ariens 

Toward the end of her live Q&A with President Obama before the Super Bowl Sunday, Gayle King asked the president to pick a winner. But rather than tell the audience during the live interview, two hours before the game, King asked him to circle his choice and put it in an envelope, where it would be revealed this morning on CBS. An incredible tease if ever there was one.

So at 7:52 a.m. ET, it was time to open the envelope.

“I think he would have picked Denver because of Peyton Manning,” said King. “I think the Panthers, because he thought Cam [Newton] would have a great game,” Rose added.

King then opened the envelope to reveal a Panthers pick.

“You guys were right!” King said. “He is a student of the game, and they were favored by six points,” Rose said.

Pres. Obama was one of 111.9 million people watching the Super Bowl, making it the third most-watched ever.