Gayle King Keeps It Light in Presidential Super Bowl Interview

By Chris Ariens 

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While the men and women who want his job campaign in New Hampshire today, President Obama sat down for his final Super Bowl Sunday interview, and CBS’s Gayle King got called up to conduct it. This time, the interview was with the first couple. King kept the Q&A light for the 7-minute live interview. At the end, she teased “we have other things to discuss.” Part II will be conducted in the Oval Office and will air tomorrow on CBS This Morning.

King began by asking what’s on the Super Bowl menu and who’s coming over: “It’s your basic wings, pizza, nachos, guac,” the president said. “We’re gonna have two types of salads,” the first lady added.

“We have the serious watchers in the Treaty Room, then the side room where the kids are, then there’s the champagne room, where my mother sits where you don’t know what’s going on,” Michelle Obama said, adding, “I care deeply about the half time show.”

And just like at your Super Bowl party, “Folks rate the commercials,” the president said, gesturing a thumbs up and down.

King then asked about the first couple’s time at the White House, what comes next for them, and what advice they have for the next first couple. She then played a fill-in-the-blank game.

“I love it when he…,” she asked, as Michelle Obama said: “Holds my hand.”

“I love it when she…,” King asked. “Laughs,” the president said.

King will be back in New York tomorrow with more of her interview, including a prediction from President Obama which will be revealed on CBS This Morning. On her way to Washington yesterday, she ran into film director/actor Mel Brooks on the train. On Instagram, she wrote, “He had suggestions for @POTUS/@FLOTUS intvu…” It’s not known if any of his suggestions were used in the interview.