Gayle King: ‘I Think CBS Will Give Us a Good Two Years, and if By Then There’s No Change, You Have to Think, Well, Should We Try Something Else?’

By Chris Ariens 

“CBS This Morning” co-co-host Gayle King gets Q&A in Sunday’s New York Times Magazine.

CBS’s morning shows have been in third place for nearly three decades now, and many people believe that a lack of chemistry among its anchors has been to blame. How did executives know if you and Charlie Rose would be compatible?

King: Well, I don’t think they did know. We had each already signed our deals before we even started rehearsals, and although we have mutual friends, I’m not going to lead you to believe that we were pals. I think they just thought, She brings this, he brings that and let’s give it a try.

Are you concerned that “This Morning” hasn’t markedly improved upon the ratings of the morning show you replaced?

King: Are the numbers where we want them to be? Certainly not. But I’m encouraged by the reaction I’m getting from people. It took “Good Morning America” more than 10 years to really get in the game. I think CBS will give us a good two years, and if by then there’s no change, you have to think, Well, should we try something else?

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(Photo: Christian Oth for The New York Times)