Fusion Gets its own ‘Nightline’

By Chris Ariens 

Fusion, the joint venture between ABC and Univision, will begin airing a one-hour edition of “Nightline” next week. The first “Nightline on Fusion,” airing Wednesday at 8pmET, will include new and re-purposed stories from the late-night program meant for Fusion’s demographic: young, diverse millennials.

“Nightline on Fusion” will be hosted by ABC News correspondent Gio Benitez and Fusion’s Kimberly Brooks, (pictured) along with contributions from additional ABC News and Fusion talent.

“This show is an exciting example of the power and potential of an already winning partnership,” says “Nightline” EP Roxanna Sherwood. “We can bring our content to a whole new audience by leveraging in such a direct way the extraordinary talent at both ABC News and at Fusion.”