Fun and Games With Obama

By SteveK 

Sen. Barack Obama is making the media rounds today, but his sit-down with FBN’s Alexis Glick has gotten the internets talking.

It wasn’t so much what Obama said, but rather…how few words it took him to say it.

Glick played a game of word association with the presumptive Democratic nominee. Wall Street? “Money,” said Obama. Sen. John McCain? “Honorable.”

Glick also gets Obama’s choice for first pick in the NBA draft tonight for his hometown Chicago Bulls (spoiler alert: as expected, Derrick Rose).

Then she challenged Obama to a game of one-on-one.

Click continued to see the FBN clip, including a chyron misspelling (oops!) and some fingernail talk…

> More: Obama was interviewed by Peter Cook of BloombergTV this morning as well. And within the last half hour, CNN aired much of that interview with the Bloomberg live bug & chyrons burned in. About halfway through, CNN blurred out the live bug (upper left).