Friday’s AC360 is Least-Watched of 2009; Cooper Still Up for the Year

By Chris Ariens 

CNN is fuming about this LATimes story on Anderson Cooper’s ratings, specifically the line about how Cooper, “is in danger of being passed in the ratings by MSNBC’s 10 p.m. repeat of ‘Countdown with Keith Olbermann.'”

Not quite.

So far this month (excluding April 29 – the night of Pres. Obama’s news conference), the Countdown re-air has beaten AC360 just one day in Total Viewers – May 1 (717K v 683K). In April, Cooper had a 47% Total Viewer lead over the Countdown re-air. We’re also only nine weekdays into a 25-day ratings period.

Cooper did have his least-watched show of 2009 last Friday with 622,000 Total Viewers, but still 22% ahead of Countdown’s 508,000 (blame Capt. Kirk and his bunch.)

Year-to-date, Cooper is flat in the ratings. In 2008, AC360 averaged 1,194,000 Total Viewers. Year-to-date 2009, he’s averaging 1,199,000 (through May 3).

It is true that AC360 is shedding viewers from its Larry King Live lead-in – 17% so far this month (not the “almost 20%” the LATimes figures). This compares to 11% of the Total Viewers lost by FNC’s 10pm show “On the Record” from its lead-in “Hannity.” And the 17% shed by the Olbermann re-air from lead-in Rachel Maddow Show.

But, either way, at least Cooper’s enjoying his days off, including hanging out at Citi Field with Madonna on Mother’s Day. Ahem – we hope he dropped in on his own mom on Sunday.