“Free Speech” On Couric’s Evening News

By Brian 

The trickle of news about the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric continues. Today’s press release answers an ongoing question: Will Bob Schieffer offer commentary on the broadcast? Yes, he will, but maybe not twice a week as originally envisioned.

A segment called “Free Speech” will include “opinion and commentary from a wide range of Americans” on a “regular” basis — often, but not every single day. It sounds like a great idea, although it’s unclear if any “average” Americans will have a chance to speak. “One night, the segment may feature a well known national figure speaking out on a current issue in the news, while the next night, someone may offer a humorous take on a trend in the culture, or it might be Bob Schieffer’s unique take on Washington or the world,” the press release says. Click continued for Rome Hartman‘s quote…

“‘Free Speech’ will be unlike anything that currently exists on a network evening news broadcast,” EP Rome Hartman says. “We are not looking to pit one side against another or to broadcast shouting matches — there’s already more than enough of that on television. And it won’t be a collection of the ‘usual suspects’ or ‘talking heads;’ in fact, we intend it to be just the opposite of that.”

Hartman made sure to add that “this isn’t our opinion” — it’s a new outlet for a “diversity of voices in this country.”