Fox’s Morning Show: How It Impacts FNC

By Brian 

For the last twelve months, Mike Jerrick and Juliet Huddy have essentially been rehearsing for a Fox morning show. The duo’s departure from DaySide this fall raises a number of questions.

An e-mailer asks: “With Mike and Juliet on Fox at 9, what will happen with Jon Scott?” Fox News will be producing some in-house competition for FNC. But the NYT notes that Geraldo At Large hasn’t adversely affected the cable net. SVP Bill Shine says the programming is intended to be distinct enough to pose no such concerns.

The biggest question is obvious: What will Fox News do at 1pm? “Jerrick and Huddy are LEAVING DaySide in the fall. Who will replace them?,” an e-mailer asks. Will DaySide continue to air with a new host or hosts? (Linda Vester apparently isn’t coming back.) Will the net run another hour of Fox News Live at 1pm? Or will it create a totally new show for the hour? Update: 3:45pm: Jerrick and Huddy “will be replaced on the cable news channel by another program,” Reuters says…

> Also: Maybe yesterday’s announcement explains why DaySide has a temporary EP…