Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer, ESPN at War Over Johnny Manziel Scoop

By Brian Flood 

Cleveland Browns QB Johnny Manziel is among the most polarizing athletes in America and his popularity is even causing a stir between sports newsers. Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer, who is widely regarded as one of the most credible reporters on all-things NFL, claims that ESPN is stealing his work and the drama is unfolding on Twitter.  The whole thing is reminiscent of the Charlie Gasparino vs. Ron Insana Twitter beef from last month, but not quite as personal.

Despite being a celebrity, Manziel was simply a backup as recently as last week. Incumbent starter Brian Hoyer’s recent struggles caused plenty of speculation that Johnny Football would be taking over. Glazer’s tweeted confirmation that a change has been made and he was even on live TV when it all went down.

ESPN picked up on the news and didn’t immediately credit Glazer. ESPN eventually gave Fox Sports partial credit on Twitter, but declined to mention Glazer by name.

This caused a firestorm of tweets and accusations, with Glazer claiming that ESPN stole his scoop.

“SportsCenter” anchor Kenny Mayne attempted to make light of the situation, saying “All day Tuesday a Twitter fight was held to determine who best should take credit for reporting that Johnny Manziel would be starting for the Browns. #whocares”

Well, it’s obvious that Glazer does, in fact, care. See the video below.

(h/t New York Post)