Fox Skipping R&TCAD Afterparty This Year

By Brian 

The Reliable Source says: “Fox News will not host a party after next week’s Radio & Television Correspondents Association Dinner, officials gravely announced. The move marks a retreat from the highly competitive after-party arms race Fox helped launch 10 years ago (magicians, bouncers, loud music, anchorwoman-on-the-dance-floor antics). Budget cuts? Hangovers? Not at all, said spokesman Paul Schur: ‘We feel it’s time to let other networks have their day in the sun.'”

As two e-mailers have asked so far today: What’s the real reason?

> Last year: “CNN’s party couldn’t hold a candle to Fox News. Attendees could hear the Fox party from halfway down the hall…”

> FishBowlDC: “A few years back–observers differ on whether it was two, three, or four years back–Fox went all out and seriously upped the party ante…”