Fox News Shows Viewers The “Untold Story” Of How We’re “Winning Iraq”

By Brian 

Questioning the title of this program almost seems too easy. Fox News premiered “Winning Iraq: The Untold Story” on Saturday, and it reaired over the weekend. The documentary, hosted by Greg Palkot, introduces viewers to Iraqis who are, “IN SPITE of the trouble, getting on with their lives.”

In a in a reporters notebook, Palkot says “I had to be ‘won over’ to go along with that title.” He “thought it sounded like we were taking sides.” But: “The real intent of the title is to talk about Iraqis themselves, ‘winning’ in the face of some tough odds.”

The program was filmed for five weeks over the summer. (Obviously, some groups would question the timing of its airing.) “I like to think we don’t take sides in this report,” Palkots says. “That it’s not a justification for the war. It’s more of a way to show the true nature of a country that is more than just a laundry list of explosions.”