Fox News’ Megyn Kelly in GQ: ‘You may have heard that we’re number one’

By Molly Stark Dean 

TVNewser learns that “America Live” anchor Megyn Kelly is in the 2010 GQ Men of the Year issue, which hit newsstands this week. Kelly is the only tvnewser to be selected for the 2010 media personality.

Last year, the only tvnewser in the issue was “The Daily Show”’s Olivia Munn. Remember when you look at Kelly (in GQ, right), she recently announced that she was expecting her second child this April.

The magazine says about the anchor:

“Abhorred by the left, adored by the right, frequently pinata’d by The Daily Show, Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly has become the very blonde face—and legs—of the network. And she’s okay with that.”

When GQ mentioned Fox News chair Roger Ailes‘ comment that only 30 people would go to Glenn Beck’s rally if he were still at HLN, the female anchor said, “They do have a lower viewership than Fox News. You may have heard that we’re number one—we’re pretty good at advertising that.”

The dayside anchor doesn’t apologize for being both intelligent and beautiful. Read the attached full GQ interview after the jump…

Kelly told GQ about her on-air conversation with FOX News Democratic contributor Kirsten Powers regarding the Black Panther case, showing off her legal prowess:

“This is a story in which not one but two civil rights attorneys within the Department of Justice had come forward to say that the DOJ essentially has a racist policy when it comes to enforcing the laws. If that is true, then the department itself is breaking the law. That is a story. Period.”

The lighter topic of fan mail also came up in the interview:

“Some of them just say, ‘You’re hot”—which, you know, I don’t find insulting. [laughs] But the ones that go a little over the top get deleted right away.

Megyn Kelly GQ Men of the Year Issue