Fox News Makes Iowa Debate Their Own

By SteveK 

Frank Luntz‘ people-meters are in full effect on FNC during the GOP Iowa debate. Taking up almost half of the right side of the screen, Fox News displayed “Voters Voice,” a real-time response by 28 Republican voters and their people-meters, reacting positively or negatively to the responses. The use of “Voters Voice” is making FNC’s coverage of the GOP face-off unique, since the same debate is also airing on CNN and MSNBC.

The real-time chart gives a second-by-second account of how the voters, described as conservative and moderate, respond to each part of a candidate’s answer.

Interestingly, the “Voters Voice” chart shot way up as the candidates banded together and refused to answer a climate change question with a show of hands.

CNN did something similar during a recent debate, with real-time people-meter responses airing on CNN Headline News.