Fox News Is the ‘Most Tweeted About News Outlet’ of 2018

By A.J. Katz 

Twitter News’ verified account sent out an interesting tweet at 4:52 a.m. today, showing the “most Tweeted about” news outlets for the year to-date. According to Twitter, the rankings are based on U.S. tweets only.

As you’ll find below, Fox News is No. 1, and Sean Hannity is the most “Tweeted about” host employed by the outlet.

FNC’s No. 1 ranking is especially interesting considering the @FoxNews verified account hasn’t sent out a tweet since Nov. 8.


The network has reportedly boycotted Twitter. Multiple outlets have reported that Fox News powers-that-be are not happy about the fact that the platform allowed Tucker Carlson‘s personal details (including his home address) to appear on its platform. You may recall that an angry mob protested outside of Carlson’s D.C. home on Nov. 7.

Fox News has never commented on its Twitter drought.

@CNN is No. 2, with @JakeTapper being the most-tweeted about personality from that outlet. No.3 is @TheHill and its most-tweeted-about personality is media reporter Joe Concha @JoeConchaTV, @MSNBC and The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell producer Kyle Griffin @KyleGriffin1, and @NYTimes with its well-known White House correspondent Maggie Haberman (@MaggieNYT) rounding out the top 5.