“Fox News Has More Balls Than Any Network”

By SteveK 

TVNewser interviewed FNC’s Greg Gutfeld, host of Red Eye (what he calls “the most subversive, surreal piece of programming ever to be on TV”) this afternoon for an upcoming, “So What Do You Do?” feature. The lengthy interview will be published next Wednesday, in which Gutfeld rips The Huffington Post and politically correct media, gives his take on Gawker and the magazine industry and explains why, “Fox News has more balls than any network,” among other topics.

He discussed the pros and cons of having Red Eye air at 3amET. Here’s a preview:

During the summertime last year we were at 2am, our ratings were really, really great. Because of the political season they moved us another hour because they wanted more political coverage which makes sense — this is a news station. I really didn’t mind going to three. But it is a problem, asking people to stay up from 2am to 3am is one thing, but 3am to 4am, you’re asking a lot. And we have a lot of people that DVR it. We’re one of the most DVRed shows. That’s not a surprise. I think it is hard, and I would love to have a better time slot. However, at the same time this time slot has allowed us to do stuff that no other show has done. So I have really mixed feelings. The freedom and knowing that you can just do this stuff, it’s great, but then you’re going, ‘If only more people could watch us,’ but then you can’t do what you do. I think there’s a happy medium we have to find.