Fox News Drops Sarah Palin

By Mark Joyella 

Politico’s Mike Allen reports Fox News has “amicably parted ways” with Sarah Palin, declining to renew the former Alaska governor’s contract when it expired June 1.

Allen says Palin is expected to continue to make occasional guest appearances on Fox News and Fox Business, but will no longer play as visible a role at the network:

When Palin was at her zenith, she made frequent appearances, and Fox installed a camera at her house. But executives consider her less relevant now, and her appearances were sometimes hampered by the vast time difference with Alaska. She remains a huge conservative force on Facebook, with 4.5 million fans – twice that of Rand Paul, who has the biggest reach in the 2016 field. She also has 1.15 million Twitter followers.

Palin made her debut on the Fox News Channel as a contributor in 2010, and later hosted a series, Real American Stories.