FNC Correspondent Leland Vittert Helped Rescue Dogs Abandoned During Florence

By A.J. Katz 

Sometimes, the worst possible circumstances can bring out the best in people.

With help from the residents of Chinquapin, N.C., Fox News correspondent Leland Vittert encountered two abandoned dogs sitting on a porch, both of whom most certainly would have been left for dead if no one had stopped to save them.

Vittert, who is on the ground continuing to report on the devastation in the area, helped save them, and he’s among those working on finding the duo permanent homes.

Yes, journalists are traditionally not supposed to insert themselves into situations they’re covering, but Vittert is human and sometimes extraordinary circumstances call for extraordinary actions.

The Fox Newser discussed what exactly transpired earlier in the day during an appearance this evening on The Story with Martha MacCallum. He also mentioned how folks can lend a hand by adopting dogs who were rescued during Florence. The Washington D.C.-based organization Luckydoganimalrescue.org has agreed to help foster these two particular dogs, said Vittert.