Fox News Correspondent Douglas Kennedy Accused of Assault

By Chris Ariens 

Douglas Kennedy, the Fox News correspondent and son of Ethel and Robert F. Kennedy, has been charged with harassment and child endangerment over an incident at a hospital in Mt. Kisco, New York last month.

WNBC reports Kennedy went to take his 3-day old son out for a walk when two nurses tried to stop him. Surveillance video captured much of the fight that began in an elevator and continued in the hospital’s stairwell. WNBC’s Jonathan Dienst reports, “One nurse claims [Kennedy] twisted her arm and soon another is seen being knocked to the ground.” In sworn testimony, the second nurse says, “Douglas Kennedy raised his right foot and with tremendous force kicked me in the left side of my pelvic area.”

Kennedy and his wife Molly call the charges “absurd.” “The nurse had no right to attempt to grab our child out of his father’s arms,” a statement from the family reads.

Kennedy faces misdemeanor counts for the January 7th incident. He was last seen reporting for Fox News last Thursday, February 16. “There will be no change in his job status or job duties,” says Fox News spokesperson Irena Briganti.

Fox News Channel and reported the story after it broke on WNBC’s 11pm newscast. CBS News, NBC News, MSNBC and CNN also reported the story this morning.

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