FOX Keeps James Cameron, Avatar in the Family

By Chris Ariens 

The Fox networks and stations had a hold on film director James Cameron this morning as his new film — his first in 12 years — hit theaters at Midnight. Twentieth Century Fox is the studio behind the $380 million film Avatar so it’s no surprise the director saved his opening day interviews for the FOX news networks

After appearing on “Fox & Friends,” Cameron made the rounds on several Fox O&O stations. The director is also talking with Neil Cavuto for tonight’s “Cavuto” on Fox Business Network.

The “Today” show’s Gene Shalit reviewed Avatar this morning in his Critic’s Corner calling it “the year’s best-looking, fastest 161 minutes.” And Cameron was on Monday’s show. ABC’s Nick Watt reported on the story for “Good Morning America” after attending an advanced screening in London.

It’s an interesting decision of News Corp. to keep the Oscar-winning director within the Fox family on the day of the release.

Fox & Friends averages about 1 million Total Viewers (300k A25-54 viewers) from 6am-9amET. By comparison, the “Today” show averages about 6 million each day. Even if Cameron were to hit all three morning shows — unlikely since one program would want an exclusive — he’d be seen by about 13 million viewers (the combined average of “Today,” “GMA,” and “The Early Show.”)

Cameron hasn’t gone unnoticed — not by a long shot. He was also profiled by CBS’s “60 Minutes” a few weeks ago, he was on “Charlie Rose” last night and has appeared on the syndicated entertainment shows for weeks as well as the daytime talk show “Bonnie Hunt,” which is not a 20th Television production.

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