Fox Biz: Should It Be DJTV?

By Chris Ariens 

The Lost Remote newsletter brings you the the best in streaming news, from staffing changes to premiere dates to trailers—to the latest platform moves. Sign up today. compiles the “10 things that Rupert Murdoch may need to do with Dow Jones.” Number five caught my eye:

5. Make brand decisions based on the future, not the past.

Do not call it the Fox Business Network. Nor should you call it, as some suggest, the Wall Street Journal Network. The former is an inferior brand with your targeted viewers, and the latter will have significant limitations as you evolve globally. Call it Dow Jones TV, or DJTV, and use the Wall Street Journal name to brand your smartest programming. Assume that over time you will want the full Wall Street Journal name to evolve into simply the Journal, which will give you much more flexibility around the world and across platforms.