Fox Biz In Q4: “We Bring A Lot Of Passion”

By Brian 

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“This is my third start-up. I’m getting pretty good at it.”

That’s Neil Cavuto, talking to Jon Friedman.

Talking about his forthcoming Fox Business Channel, Cavuto says: “We’re going to be a channel for America — not for old white men with money. We want to reach women, minorities, young people.”

Here are some of his other comments:

> Does he think FBC could top CNBC on its first day? “No! They have a huge head start. All good things take time. We recognize the challenge, fully and well.”

> Will FBC have a sizable online presence? “Absolutely! We’re going to be very strong on the air and on the Web.”

> What will make the net successful? “This is a network that is really jazzed about business. We became successful, even in a bear market, because we got into it. We bring a lot of passion.”