Fox Biz In Q4: Send Resumes To Roger Ailes, 1211 Avenue of the Americas, 10036

By Brian 

Roger Ailes is staffing up for the Fox Business Channel.

“We’re looking at a few hundred people in terms of production and talent,” he tells Multichannel News, “noting that he’d received a ‘flood of resumes’ from CNBC employees.

‘We’re considering building a separate entrance to the building for them,’
” he said.

Other important details from the story:

> “Asked about profitability, Ailes said the timeline for Fox News to break even was five years. For Fox Business Channel, he said that operating level would come within three to four years.”

> “Fox Business will try to lure CEOs, CFOs, CTOs and CMOs away from CNBC. Focusing on that C-suite of viewers has enabled CNBC to ring up some $500 million in annual license fees and advertising revenues.”