Fox Biz Channel: Start-Up Costs Of Several Hundred Million Dollars, Ailes Estimates

By Brian 

The Hollywood Reporter wraps up the Marvin Kalb/Roger Ailes Q&A: “Fox News Channel’s future plans include the launch of a financial news offshoot network, possibly as early as the summer. But CEO Roger Ailes doesn’t envision an international version of Fox News anytime soon,” Paul Gough reports.

“We’ve decided not to start an anti-American channel,” quipped Ailes to the applause of some of the roughly 100 people who attended his speech Thursday night at the Washington Press Club.

> Also: “Ailes said that would take a few months from a go-ahead by News Corp. chief Rupert Murdoch. It would be an expensive proposition: Ailes estimated start-up costs of several hundred million dollars.”