Fox Backs Out Of Hillary Clinton Miniseries, Future Uncertain

By Alex Weprin 

Negotiations Between NBC and Fox Television Studios to produce the Hillary Clinton miniseries NBC had ordered have fallen through, according to THR. NBC had been talking to Fox about producing the series, while letting them retain international rights. With Fox out, the future of the miniseries is now unclear. NBC would need to quickly line up another production company willing to invest in the programming.

THR explains, and also gets the first official comment on the matter from NBC entertainment chief Bob Greenblatt.

But a source at Fox says the negotiation fell apart over deal points more than any potential fallout.

In a statement to THR, NBC Entertainment chairman Bob Greenblatt noted: “The Hillary Clinton movie has not been ordered to production, only a script is being written at this time. It is ‘in development’, the first stage of any television series or movie, many of which never go to production. Speculation, demands, and declarations pertaining to something that isn’t created or produced yet seem premature.”

The New York Times reports that before the project landed at NBC, CBS and the Fox broadcast network both passed. The Clinton miniseries was the primary reason that the RNC voted to lock out NBC from hosting any officially sanctioned 2016 primary debates.