Fortune Profiles Charlie Rose’s Life, Career

By kevin 

From today’s Daily Newsfeed, Fortune magazine has a profile of Charlie Rose, which, among other things, describes why he’s become so popular with the business crowd:

Last October, when Buffett wanted to reassure markets that the economy wasn’t going to hell, he chose to go on Charlie Rose for the hour. When Geithner went on in May — his second appearance of the spring — he made news by admitting that global monetary policy had helped produce the financial crisis. His predecessor at Treasury, Hank Paulson, went on last October to discuss the meltdown; days after 9/11, as the CEO of Goldman Sachs, he went on to soothe the financial community. “You get the time you need,” he says. “But he can lure you and hit you right between the eyes — hard questions in a soft way.”

The lengthy profile recounts Rose’s life and broadcasting career, and even offers some rare personal tidbits — he gets up each morning and watches three televisions, and he would love to have a family.

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