Former ‘Friends’ on Sony Email Scandal

By Brian Flood 

KudrowApparently, Phoebe still has Rachel’s back after all these years.

Lisa Kudrow, who played Phoebe Buffay on the hit TV series “Friends,” spoke with HuffPost Live about the Sony Pictures hack.

“How come I know you don’t write anything you don’t want broadcast in an email? How come I know that? Who’s advising people?” Kudrow asked rhetorically, essentially saying it’s not the media’s fault that high profile executives went off-script in personal emails. “Why don’t we know that there are no rules? Everything is broadcast and published,” Kudrow added.


Now Brad Pitt, who guest-starred in an episode of “Friends” in 2001, playing an ex-fat guy with a grudge against Rachel (played by his then-wife Jennifer Aniston), is speaking out.

Pitt’s wife Angelina Jolie has been criticized in leaked emails. Pitt spoke with reporters at the premiere of Jolie’s new movie, “Unbroken,” saying:

I think someone’s conversation, whether in e-mail or in person, should be private. We shouldn’t be participating and these sites that are disseminating them should stop. They won’t. And we should stop reading them. We won’t. It’s more of an indictment on us, I think.

For a throwback Tuesday, check out Phoebe meeting Pitt’s “Friends” character, after the jump…