Former Fox Newser Joins NBC to Head Up Megyn Kelly PR

By Chris Ariens 

Dana Klinghoffer, who spent her entire professional career in the Fox News PR shop, is joining NBC News, TVNewser has learned.

Klinghoffer will oversee public relations for Megyn Kelly‘s new 9 a.m. hour of the Today show, as well as other PR duties. Klinghoffer left Fox News several months ago and has since married and was taking some time off before jumping back into the TV news game.

Klinghoffer worked with Kelly on various projects when both were part of the Fox News team. A skilled PR pro, Klinghoffer has weathered her share of PR challenges at Fox News: from Gretchen Carlson‘s sexual harassment, lawsuit to the resignation of Roger Ailes to the racial discrimination lawsuits–and that’s just the last year.

Kelly has also had her share of bad press since her arrival at NBC News, most especially the debacle over her interview with radio talk show host Alex Jones.