Former Fox News Anchor Lauren Sivan Says Harvey Weinstein Sexually Harassed Her

By Chris Ariens 

Lauren Sivan, a reporter at Fox-owned LA station KTTV, and a former Fox News Channel anchor, says Harvey Weinstein once masturbated in front of her after she rejected his sexual advances.

The 2007 incident happened at a club in Manhattan in which Weinstein was an investor. Sivan told her story to the Huffington Post’s Yashar Ali who reports:

Weinstein then proceeded to expose himself to Sivan and began to masturbate. Sivan said she was deeply shocked by Weinstein’s behavior and was frozen and didn’t know what to do or say. The incident in the vestibule didn’t last long. Sivan says Weinstein ejaculated quickly into a potted plant that was in the vestibule and then proceeded to zip up his pants and they walked back into the kitchen.

Sivan says she rejected Weinstein’s advances, in part, because she was in a serious relationship at the time. Sivan was engaged to Fox News reporter Rick Leventhal in 2006. On Twitter, Sivan explains why she’s only coming forward now:

Sivan has been a reporter at KTTV since 2011. In 2008-2009 she anchored overnights at Fox News. Sivan had also been a producer on Fox & Friends and started out as a production assistant on Fox News Sunday.