For News Nets On The Web, New Audience Means New Attitude & New Advertisers

By Brian 

Today’s Wall Street Journal looks at the efforts of “big media companies to cash in on booming Web use.” Highlights:

> “‘Our audience on the Web is 10 to 15 years younger than our TV audience’ for news, says Larry Kramer, president of CBS’s digital-media operations. Visitors to ABC News’s long-established Web site have a median age of 45, nine years younger than ABC News’s median TV audience, according to Nielsen/NetRatings and research by the network.”

> “CNN is in discussions with 70 to 80 marketers about online ad deals, says Greg D’Alba, CNN’s chief operating officer. He says ‘it’s early days, but with a heck of a lot of promise.'”

> “Both CBS and CNN see Web-only ad deals becoming more common. Web-based news sites offer advertisers some advantages over TV…”