Following Threats Against Employees, CNN Releases New ‘FactsFirst’ Ad

By Chris Ariens Comment

CNN released a second ad in its #FactsFirst campaign.

The second spot is a response to this week’s news that a Michigan man had been arrested after making death threats against CNN employees. On Tuesday, CNN Worldwide president Jeff Zucker told employees the there was no immediate danger, adding, “I want to assure you that at every level of this company, nothing is more important than your safety.”

“Sadly, this is part of the reality we live in, as members of the media,” Zucker wrote.

The first ad in the #FactsFirst campaign, which debuted in October, was meant to blunt “fake news” accusations against CNN. The second spot goes one further explaining that, when people start repeating it and believing it, “it’s only a matter of time until someone gets hurt.”