FNC’s ‘Junior Reporter’ Programming Gets Profiled

By Alex Weprin 

The Fresno Bee writes about FNC’s new “Junior Reporter” program, which sounds an awful lot like the “video Journalists” and “Digital Reporters” being deployed by outlets such as CNN and ABC News.

There are some key differences however: one is that FNC is explicitly using the program as a training ground for journalists, letting them hone their skills, another is that the reports are being distributed on the web at FoxNews.com and FoxNewsLatino.com, rather than on the network:

The program puts reporters in areas where there’s no permanent Fox cable staff. These reporters will put together feature stories while waiting for assignments to handle major news stories. It’s also a way for young reporters to get practical experience before they move to local, network or cable news programs…

The training program is for two years. At that point, the junior staffers could either be moved to one of the Fox news divisions or at least have a strong collection of stories to use as a résumé.