FNC’s Jon Scott to Climb Mt. Kilamanjaro

By Chris Ariens 

WaterJonScottWhen he’s not anchoring, Jon Scott has another passion: mountain climbing. This summer he conquered Colorado’s Torreys Peak. Today, he leaves for a trek to the roof of Africa: Mt. Kilamanjaro. In the process the Fox News anchor is helping an African village get access to clean water. Through the children’s charity Compassion International, Scott is raising money “to provide a clean-water system for a Tanzanian village of nearly two-thousand people.”

I’ve been impressed with Compassion since my kids and I first began sponsoring children through the program a couple of decades ago. The letters from the children we helped support gave my own kids an appreciation for just how fortunate they are to be living in the USA. Yet they also were able to see that poverty doesn’t necessarily equate to misery – and that happiness can exist in places where material wealth does not.

Scott’s climbing group is paying all the costs associated with the trip. All donations will go to the clean-water system. Scott signed off from Fox News on Friday. He’ll be back in two weeks and will be updating viewers on Twitter.

(h/t J$P)