FNC’s Geraldo Rivera Comes Up Short on ‘Celebrity Apprentice’

By Brian Flood 

Fox News Channel’s Geraldo Rivera lost to Leeza Gibbons on last night’s season finale of “Celebrity Apprentice,” with Donald Trump choosing the former “Entertainment Tonight” host as the winner.

The final task for each contestant was to create a commercial for Universal Orlando Resort selling resort packages, and Gibbons topped the Fox newser. All was not lost for Rivera, who managed to earn 725K for charity despite not winning the grand prize.

“The Fox family rallied around me in a way that was so impressive. I don’t think people can truly understand, when you see what’s happening in the news business and people attack each other, the Fox News family is the most intact, functional, reliable, sincere, generous… I mean, I really am honored to carry that flag into this battle,” Rivera said after the show.

Rivera and Trump will both be in studio on “Hannity” tonight to recap the episode.