FNCers Kidnapped In Gaza: Updates

By Brian 

> 5:12pm: FNC’s Jennifer Griffin didn’t share any new details in her 5pm update. She said: “…John, we also have some disturbing news from the Gaza Strip. Two of our colleagues were kidnapped today. Right now the network is trying to arrange their safe release.”

> 4:58pm: “Olaf has been a long time freelance photog for Fox and other news oulets,” a tipster says. “He worked for Fox a tremendous amount in Iraq. He is a very careful guy. In fact, you might say he is sometimes too careful. Steve is also not someone who is a ‘cowboy.’ I guarantee they weren’t taking any extra risks.”

> 4:50pm: Reuters: “Palestinian police stopped and searched cars. A spokesman for Hamas, the Islamic militant group that leads the Palestinian government, condemned the kidnapping.”

> 4:40pm: The Committee to Protect Journalists has released this statement: “We are gravely concerned about our colleagues’ safety and call for their immediate and unconditional release. These are well established journalists who are not participants in the conflict. They should be treated accordingly and freed…”

> 4:35pm: The AP adds new detail: “Major militant groups in Gaza denied any connection to the incident; there was no immediate word of any demands made. Security officials put police on alert across Gaza and set up roadblocks to find the gunmen and free the reporters, Interior Ministry spokesman Khaled Abu Hilal said. ‘This is not acceptable at all,’ he said.”