FNC Tops CNN During Head-to-Head Candidate Debates

By Chris Ariens 

During Sunday night’s head to head matchup of Fox News’ GOP forum and CNN’s re-air of the ABC News/Facebook debates, FNC comes out on top. (Live only data)

FNC GOP forum (8:00pm – 9:33pm)
Total Viewers — 2,504,000
A25-54 demo — 767,000

GOP debate re-air on CNN (7:00pm – 9:30pm)
Total Viewers — 958,000
A25-54 demo — 294,000

Democratic debate re-air on CNN (9:30 – 11:38pm)
Total Viewers — 1,380,000
A25-54 demo — 441,000

>More: FNC’s Post-Forum Analysis (9:33pm – 10:04pm) had 2.162M Total Viewers and 694K A25-54 viewers…