FNC First With News Of Sailor Release

By Brian 

FNC was the first cabler to report that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will release the 15 British sailors.

Bill Hemmer reported the news from London at 9:10am. CNN and MSNBC reported the news at 9:12am, two minutes later.

> Also: FNC’s Amy Kellogg was the only major U.S. TV correspondent in Iran at the press conference with Ahmadinejad and who was able to ask a question…

> Update: 3pm: “CNN got smoked in a big way this morning,” an e-mailer says. “Christiane Amanpour is their face for international news yet Amy Kellogg stole her thunder in a huge way by having a major presence at the Iranian press conference while Christiane was in some remote studio…”