FNC EP: “Deeply Regret” Showing Images of Dead Model

By SteveK 

FNC’s Geraldo At Large made the decision last night to show “exclusive” video of model, Ruslana Korshunova, who committed suicide in New York City Saturday. The video included images of her bloody, pale face with the rest of her body covered by a white sheet.

Geraldo Rivera described the video, saying, “These are the last images of her broken body being lifted off the Manhattan sidewalk, where shocked and sickened witnesses watched her smash onto the concrete.”

David Clark, EP of weekend programming, tells TVNewser: “It was a producer error and we deeply regret it.”

The Huffington Post’s Rachel Sklar calls out FNC for the “error.”

It does, however, cater to a certain ghoulish curiosity. Is Korshunova’s death news? Of course — but it doesn’t need to be so graphically illustrated. A sustained shot of Korshunova’s face, her face pale in death, clearly visible in profile with what appears to be blood at the side of her mouth — that adds nothing to the story other than a horrific, shocking image to gawk at.

Click continued to see the clip of the segment (warning: graphic images)…