FNC Commentators, Nancy Grace, Court TV: “Unapologetic Cheering Section” For Prosecution

By Brian 

In Saturday’s Los Angeles Times, Tim Rutten isn’t pulling any punches:

 Over the last few years, an entire segment of the U.S. news media essentially has elected to pursue its commercial interests by seceding from American journalism. This group includes most of the commentator/personalities on Fox News — with the notable exception of Greta van Susteren; the prime-time segment of CNN Headline News; and, most particularly, Court TV.

These operations no longer feel constrained by even the minimal requirements of fairness, balance or dispassion required to practice American-style journalism. Instead, they operate as an unapologetic cheering section for the prosecution. They’ve never met a criminal defendant they didn’t want to see slammed — Michael Jackson prominent among them.

No verdict; no problem.

We already know he’s guilty. Besides, we’re on the side of victims.

The emphasis is his. Here’s the rest of the must-read…