FNC Challenges WND; Says Story Endangered Journalists; Wants To Know Source

By Brian 

First on TVNewser: Yesterday evening, WorldNetDaily editor Joseph Farah said Roger Ailes distorted the Web site’s report that the Centanni/Wiig kidnappers received a $2 million payment. (Get caught up on the story here.) John Moody, FNC’s senior vice president for news editorial, has issued the following response:

“Joseph Farah’s statement makes a bad situation worse. Roger Ailes was correct in saying, with 100% certainty, that no News Corp entity, including Fox News, nor the families of the kidnapped journalists, paid any money for their release.

Both the original WorldNet story, and Mr. Farah’s later statement, endanger every journalist reporting from a hostile
environment by suggesting that kidnappings will be rewarded with ransom. Roger Ailes determined early on that we would not pay for the release of Centanni and Wiig, and we did not.

The WorldNet story appears to be based on information from terrorist sources. If so, WorldNet should reveal the source, so its reliability can be evaluated.”