FNC At 10: “Ten Years, Ten Milestones”

By Brian 

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The Boston Globe (via The News & Observer features “10 years, 10 milestones” for Fox News:

OCT. 7, 1996: Fox News Channel launches and is available to 17 million subscribers. (It is now seen in 80 countries, and its marketplace share has increased from 38 percent to 54 percent.)

DECEMBER 1996: Brit Hume joins Fox News.

MAY 1998: Fred Barnes and Mort Kondracke leave “The McLaughlin Group” to host “The Beltway Boys” on Fox.

DECEMBER 1999: Fox News conducts a live forum with all six Republican presidential candidates and achieves the network’s highest ratings for a single telecast.

OCTOBER 2000: Fox News ties CNN in the monthly ratings; “The O’Reilly Factor” beats CNN’s “Larry King Live” in household ratings.

NOVEMBER 2001: Geraldo Rivera joins the network as a war correspondent.

JANUARY 2002: For the first time, Fox News beats CNN in both daytime and prime-time ratings across the board.

NOVEMBER 2003: Fox News hires Chris Wallace to host “Fox News Sunday.”

SEPTEMBER 2004: Director Robert Greenwald’s documentary “Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism” quotes former Fox News employees who charge bias at the network.

SEPTEMBER 2004: During the Republican National Convention, Fox News beats all news networks in the ratings. It’s the first time a cable news network has ever beaten a broadcast news network.