FNC At 10: “Glitzy Graphics, Brash Marketing & A Take-No-Prisoners Approach”

By Brian 

A 2,000 word WSJ story about Roger Ailes starts with this:

“Over the past 10 years, Roger Ailes transformed the cable-news business using glitzy graphics, brash marketing and a take-no-prisoners approach. His playbook vaulted News Corp.’s Fox News Channel into the industry’s No. 1 spot.

Using a similar approach, he has since taken on a more prominent role at News Corp. — including running the company’s local television stations — but the results aren’t as impressive. Accustomed to operating his own fiefdom, Mr. Ailes has ruffled feathers among other executives. He has started a new TV network, called MyNetworkTV, but it hasn’t shown much sign of life amid a broader slump…”