FNC At 10: Ailes Is Looking For The Stars Of The Next 10 Years

By Brian 

In a long Q&A with Television Week, Roger Ailes details his strategy for the next ten years:

  We’re in a little bit of a dip. It depresses me to see anything less than winning all the time, but we are winning. It’s hard to get angry or upset when you’re winning as strongly as we are. It’s just that I know we can do better, so I go along with it for a couple of days and then I get angry and start the fight all over again. I’m in the process of regenerating and regrouping.

I’ve asked all of my direct reports to tell me what they would do and I’ve asked them all to identify two or three stars in this place that are young, that are upcoming, that are going to make the next 10 years spectacular. I’m in the process of reviewing those reports now, and I have some ideas of my own about what I will do.

So I’ve made a few changes and I intend to make some more. We’re ratcheting up the game a little bit. I think it’s a little tougher because our competitors — I think wisely — took the best of what we do and are trying to emulate it. That’s good in the sense that even occasionally you see a little fairness on some of these other channels, and I don’t know where they got that idea.

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