Florida Cops Issue Trespass Warning to Geraldo Rivera

By Chris Ariens 

The Florida Times-Union writes about the “surreal turn” the case of Haleigh Cummings took over the weekend… and Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera was in the middle of it all.

Cummings is the 5-year-old North Florida girl who has been missing for two weeks. On Saturday, as Rivera interviewed her father Ronald, the Cummings family got upset with Rivera’s line of questioning. Rivera asked about allegations Ronald had used illegal drugs, that he was a police informant and that he abused Haleigh’s mother Crystal Sheffield when she was pregnant with Haleigh.

Putnam County Sheriff’s deputies arrived on the scene later, and issued Rivera the trespass warning at the request of the two property owners on whose land the Cummings family is camping while their trailer remains closed off as a crime scene. A trespass warning means Rivera would be arrested if he came back onto the property. Rivera told deputies he understood and stated he would not come back to the address, but declined to sign the trespass warning, according to a sheriff’s office report.

So, did Geraldo cross the line? Judge for yourself in the clip after the jump…