Flood Flashback: Michelle Kosinski

By SteveK 

NBC’s Michelle Kosinski is one of the many reporters in Missouri covering the severe flooding in the Midwest.

It reminded one anonymous tipster of another flood Kosinski covered in October 2005: “Kinda funny seeing Michele “Canoe” Kosinski on a levee, doing live shots for MSNBC with H2o all around her…. Keep waiting for someone to walk by.”

The emailer is referring to a Today show live shot, where Kosinski is seen paddling a canoe…before being upstaged by some people walking ankle-deep in the water. Anchors Katie Couric and Matt Lauer got a kick out of the botched shot.

Here’s how Brian Stelter wrote about it on this blog, back then. Click continued to see the blast-from-the-past video…