Flashpoint: How Woodruff Eased Her Guilt

By Brian 

“Where are my guys? How are my guys?” are the first words Kimberly Dozier asked when she regained consciousness.

Paul Douglas and James Brolan were dead. Dozier “sheds tears in Flashpoint only when Ms. Couric asks about her crew,” the NYT says. “Dozier said that it took Bob Woodruff, the ABC news correspondent who was injured in Iraq earlier in 2006, to ease her guilt about her crew.”

Quote: “He said: ‘You’re thinking, you’re the correspondent. You were in charge, you took them there that day.’ He said, ‘Look, those two guys did not get taken anywhere. They were their own bosses.’ And the thing I will always remember, that really stuck with me — and I’ve needed to pull it out several times — he said, ‘If you think any differently, if you think of it any other way, you’re dishonoring their memories.'”