Flashpoint: Dozier In Rehab: “I Have To Prove To My Company That I Can Run”

By Brian 

Excerpts from the Thursday morning articles about Kimberly Dozier and next week’s CBS special Flashpoint:

> NY Post: “The bomb, which literally killed Dozier, who was declared technically dead from the loss of almost all of her blood, also severely shredded and burned her upper legs and blew out her eardrum. She still has shrapnel in her body…”

> Washington Post: “She spent part of the winter recuperating at the New Zealand home of her boyfriend, Pete. They met in Baghdad, where Pete (whose last name Dozier is withholding for safety reasons) was providing security for CBS and other organizations…”

> Variety: “‘I have to prove to my company that I can run,’ Dozier says at one point during her rehab…”

> Baltimore Sun: “This is just something I’ll be stuck with. It doesn’t limit my mobility,” she said, acknowledging problems with circulation in her legs. “It just means that sometimes this leg blows up like an ugly little balloon. It doesn’t change the way I walk. It looks hideous, but that’s about it…”

> USA Today: “Every time I started to feel sorry for myself, I thought about someone who has an amputation and thought, ‘That could have been me.’ I see people who have had brain injuries and I think, ‘That could have been me.’ What do I have? A couple of scars…”

> Los Angeles Times: “For months, Dozier was dogged by memories of that day. But the experience also ‘leaves you with the strength of your convictions in a way I never had before,’ she said. ‘It reinforced what I already knew — why it was important to explain why these men and women were doing this job every day…'”

> NY Daily News: “Watching ‘Flashpoint’ is tough for Dozier. She teared up several times during a recent screening, and at one point Zirinsky reached over to touch her hand. ‘It’s hard,’ Dozier whispered, wiping the tears…”