Feb. #’s: Total Viewers Program Ranker

By Brian 

Fox News Channel had the top nine programs on cable news in February. The O’Reilly Factor was #1, Special Report was #2, The Fox Report was #3, Hannity & Colmes was #4 and On The Record was #5. CNN’s Larry King slipped to tenth with 901,000 viewers — the program’s smallest numbers since May 2001.

Lou Dobbs had the #2 show on CNN, with 689,000 viewers. Anderson Cooper moved to third place with 624,000. Fox & Friends First, at 6am, beat Paula Zahn and Nancy Grace at 8pm.

Hardball and Countdown tied for the title of MSNBC’s top show, with 400,000 viewers each. Analyze ALL the numbers using the ranker:

> Feb. 2006 Ranker: Total viewers (PDF)

> Compare to Feb. 2005